Here at Lucy’s wine being kind to the planet is ingrained in our ethos. This means thinking about the impact to the planet in everything we do, choosing the eco-friendly options on everything possible and giving back to the earth where we can.

Here are some of the things we do to try and reduce our impact on the planet:

Our packaging is made from 70% recycled cardboard and is fully recyclable & we never use single-use plastic.

We minimise the amount of paper in any order.

Carbon offsetting offered at check out thanks to eco-cart.

We work with winemakers that produce wine in organic, natural and sustainable practices.

We don’t ship outside of the UK, with wine coming from all over the world. Once shipped to us we don’t want to then ship it again, to minimize our carbon footprint.

We do not take part in Black Friday or any other sales that may impact the environment negatively.

While winemaking in any nature has an impact on the environment, we focus on working with wine producers whose practices are focused on a natural and sustainable ethos, often working with nature in biodynamic practices to produce delicious wines.

We are always wanting to improve and strive to be as sustainable as possible. If you have any queries on our sustainability or even suggestions please get in touch at