Discovering organic, natural wines, one box at a time…

How it works

Lucy’s Wine was created to make finding a nice wine simple & fun. We handpick a range of organic, natural and sustainable wines and curate them into selection boxes every month. Our boxes feature a simple description of each wine, as well as some more ‘winey’ descriptions for those who want it.

Lucy is always on hand to answer any questions and regularly posts on Instagram tasting information on each month’s boxes. Instagram

No subscription, no ties.

What we stand for

We believe that for all the science, tradition and theatre, wine is there to be enjoyed. It’s great if you’re into all that stuff (we also think it’s fascinating!) but Lucy’s Wine comes from a place of fun.

That means we treat our wine in the same way we do the other things we love, like food, fashion or even the arts. Lucy’s Wine is all about a tipple of drama, and an interesting story to tell for each bottle. Ultimately Lucy’s wine is characterised by three key things:

Creating a community of people that just want to enjoy wine

Simplifying wine terminology, making it easier to understand and buy great wine

Being as sustainable as possible - so you’ll never find any plastic packaging, 70% of our packaging is made from recycled materials and it is 100% recyclable. We also offer the option to carbon offset your order at checkout.

A bit about Lucy...

Lucy, like many of us, appreciates a great glass of wine. Her favourite? A good Valpolicella. Although she would never describe herself as a sommelier, over the years she has learned a thing or two about what makes a good wine, how you might describe it and what it could pair well with. Taking this passion, a love affair that started on her eighteenth birthday, she created Lucy’s Wine. She runs Lucy’s Wine from Buckinghamshire, where she lives with her husband and her rescue dog Ralph, you may spot him on our Instagram from time to time.

The story of wine

With a history that dates back thousands of years the story of wine is a fascinating one. Cultures from across the world have embraced the fermented grape drink. Traditions and toasts centre on wine. Empires have come and gone, and many of the cultures we recognise today (most likely) will have been conceived over a swirling glass of red or white.

And here we are now, with wine shaping society just as it did and just as it has always done.

So, as you might have guessed by now, we’re incredibly passionate about good, natural & organic wine. We hope Lucy’s Wine can help you find a bottle, discover a new favourite and maybe even learn something new along the way.