Do natural and organic wines give you less of hangover?

The big questions and one we often get asked at Lucy's Wine. The answer is yes and no!

Natural wine is much lower in sulphites, due to little or no additions, and as it is farmed organically it is often free from pesky chemicals and additives. All these things can contribute to that hazy headache you often get after just a couple of glasses of wine - and wonder why!

As well as sulphites and additives contributing to hangovers, the other factors are de-hydration & lack of sleep - which comes hand in hand from any consumption of alcohol in large quantities.

So - a couple of glasses of wine, yes you're much more likely to wake up feeling fresh if you drink natural wine over conventional wine - no un-warranted hangovers here. But having a bit of a natural wine party? You’re still not going to feel great the next day.

Our advice for waking up feeling fresh as a daisy, switch to natural/organic wine, drink in moderation with food and water - savour your delicious glass of wine.

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